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Longhorn Steals the Show - in Dade City FL

During a couples anniversary photo session, one of the farms cows, 2 days away from giving birth- wanted to have her closeup!

One of my favorite places to shoot is Waller Ranch, located in Dade City FL. Its perfect for family sessions, maternity sessions and couples or weddings- its actually a wedding venue! So I brought Kristina and Robert here for their 10th anniversary celebration shoot. When we started the session, most of the cows were on the other side of a long fence, unable to get to us. However, we noticed a longhorn on our side of the fence the was still about 100 yard away. We were shooting, laughing, having a good time and we started noticing this longhorn was making her way to us slowly. In about 20 minutes, she was practically asking for her closeup by standing only about 20 ft away! Kristina and Robert were SOOOO EXCITED and asked if we could include her in some photos- my answer being -


So we positioned ourselves in a way that she would have her space while also having her featured in the photos. A rule in photography is the rule of thirds, its a composition technique that is pleasing to the eye. So I composed the cow in one third, and the couple in another third creating a really great image of them all together. Kristina and Robert then told me about an image they have displayed in their living room that features a cow and explained how it wasn't great and have been looking to replace it because they really love cows! They were so excited to finally have an image they could use that encompasses several things they love- cows, and each other.

It turned out that the longhorn gave birth 2 days later- 💕


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