The Importance of Portraiture

Your Beautiful Life, Your Forever Legacy

Did you know that 95% of children felt more loved when pictures of them with their family were displayed in the home?  Not only that, but 90 of people feel more attached to their portraits when they are tangible.  We feel that when a photographer just shows up at the session, sends you some digital files and sends you on your way is not only impersonal, but is an unfinished job.  Portraits are MEANT to be printed!! How many images do you currently have sitting on your computer or phone? 

Lets invest in your families legacy!

Wedding Album


About Me

Hi! I am Ariel!

Ive been around cameras all of my life.  I was a professional model for about 10 years.  It peaked my interest in being on the other side of the lens, and so I made the switch to become a full time photographer! I have a wonderful husband (who you may meet at a session) who is an Army veteran and firefighter for 18 years!   He is also the fur dad of our 3 rescue dogs. We absolutely love animals! We also love the beach and living here in Florida.  We are really looking forward to meeting you!

What Makes Us Different?

We are not photographers, we are portrait artists.

When will you ever have this moment in time again? Never! 

Ariel Baldwin Photography and her team are dedicated in providing heirloom, museum quality products for you and your family to look at every single day.  This art that is created together is a reminder than life is short and time moves so quickly- so let's enjoy those milestones and memories. Ariel does not just show up with her camera and click a few shots and go her separate way.  She gets to know each and every client on a personal level to create the most memorable and individualized experience possible. She strives to provide tangible products, not digital files that will sit on a computer, and helps each clients along the way to determine what is the most beneficial and meaningful products for their family!